From June 5-8, the 22nd Annual SCNC was held this year in Canada's beautiful east coast city of Moncton, NB. After an exciting Territorial Skills Competition at Inuksuk High School in Iqaluit last month, we assembled a talented, excited group of secondary and post-secondary students to represent Nunavut at the Skills Canada National Competition. Once again, we are proud to show off our diverse team of students from across Nunavut. We were fortunate enough to have our very own Skills Nunavut Media Squad this year (members of Iqaluit's TV/Video Club) and they followed Team Nunavut around like paparazzi, capturing the experience of all our competitors, as well at the memorable moments leaving Nunavut and all the way to the competition floor.

Team Nunavut outside of the Moncton Coliseum, en route to Opening Ceremonies

Here is Team Nunavut 2016:
Electrical Installations (Post-Secondary): Kimberly Smith, Iqaluit
Carpentry (Post-Secondary): Michael Adla, Cape Dorset
Hairstyling: Amalea Gibbons, Arviat
Baking: Candice Angalik, Arviat
Cooking: Andrew Clark, Iqaluit
Graphic Design: Natalie Maerzluft, Iqaluit
Outdoor Engine Repair: Colin Pugh-Doucet, Iqaluit
Job Search: Cara Killiktee, Pond Inlet
Job Skill Demonstration: Matilda Pinksen, Iqaluit
Public Speaking: Chidinma Umenwofor-Nweze, Iqaluit
Photography: Jane Singoorie, Pond Inlet
TV/Video: Lizabeth Demavivas/Daniel Keziz Calamayan, Iqaluit
Robotics: Isaac Strickland, Hayden Ahle, David Aglukark, Maxwell Cousins and Christopher Macintosh, Iqaluit
National Youth Forum Representative: Mary Omole, Iqaluit
Media Squad: Jessica Matthews/Elaine Lau, Iqaluit

We are so proud of our team!

In preparation for the competition, we enjoyed at Fun Day out in Moncton to learn about life in New Brunswick and also to bond and support each other as a strong team.

Amalea Gibbons of Arviat explore the forests of Centennial Park at TreeGo!

Showing off our team shirts at Hopewell Rocks at the Bay of Fundy (where the tides are higher than Frobisher Bay!)

Opening Ceremonies

We may be one of the smallest Skills teams in Canada, we every year at competition we blow the other provincial and territorial delegations away with our spirit, creativity and exuberance...not to mention NOISE!

Competition Days!!!

Competing at the National level is not easy- competitors have two intense, long days of competition where they must remain focused on their skill, often working alone, following complicated instructions and looking up only to smile for the camera! 

Amalea working on her Women's Style

Kim Smith completing her electrical wiring

We are so impressed by Michael's house!

Nunavut's robot gave a good fight

Andrew presenting his mussels provençale on Day 1

Cara Killiktee keeping it real at the Job Search competition.

Closing Ceremonies!

We could not be prouder of our talented Team Nunavut. These students have all worked so hard and travelled such a long way to prove that they can work along side the best of the country in their different trade and technology area. We can't wait until Skills Canada National Competition 2017 taking place in Winnipeg. You'll see these students again soon in the National spotlight. Well done!

Matilda Pinksen of Iqaluit wins a GOLD MEDAL for her logo design presentation in Job Skills Demonstration!

Back-to-back medals for Nunavut: Chidinma Umenwofor-Nweze of Iqaluit wins a BRONZE for Public Speaking, one of the toughest competitions!