Hi Friends and Friends of Skills,

I ran and completed the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 16th. It was hot and humid day in the city, which made running extra challenging. I ran the first 21km in 1hr 41 minutes, which was on-track my goal time, but due to heat exhaustion I slowed down quite a bit during the second half. I was so proud and relieved when I crossed the finish line at 3hr 42min. It was not my personal best, but I have never run in such miserably sticky conditions so I am happy that I stuck with it and didn't stop until I saw my friends and family at the finish line.

Organized sporting events are such a great way to share stories of life and the realities of Nunavut with people across the country.  I met so many runners and organizations who were so interested to know about training, living and everything else about Nunavut. I am still shocked at how many Canadians stereotype the North and are unaware about the real challenges and beauty of Nunavut, so running this marathon was extra inspiring for me.

For the next month I will continue to collect donations for Skills Nunavut. Training for marathons is not easy, but I really enjoy it and each run begins with just one step and the decision to just do it. I am motivated by the dedication and commitment that students across Nunavut have to mastering and pursuing their dreams even though conditions here can be extra challenging for them. I know 2016-17 will be our busiest and best year yet!


Bibi Bilodeau 
Skills Nunavut's Program Coordinator

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