Skills Nunavut is so excited to announce the addition of Snap Circuits, LEGO Robotics Kits and 2-D Animation programs to be used at our Skills Workshops in high schools across Nunavut! Not only does this equipment teach valuable science and technology skills, but so far our students and teachers have been begging to keep working on their projects long after the bell rings because they are having so much fun!

Basic circuit with fan attachment

Working with your hands, problem solving, and creative thinking are all key characteristics to trade and technology occupations. Yet, students are rarely exposed to these types of activities in the classroom. Exposing students, especially Nunavut youth, to alternative types of learning- especially hands-on activities- is not only a huge advantage in improving their academic success and keeping them in school, but also motivates them to find something they like to do, and then to make their passions a possible career.

We tested out tour newly acquired Snap Circuit kits with students from grades 8-12 in Pangnirtung, Inuksuk High School math and science teachers, and the grade 12 Apprentice Math class in Iqaluit. Not only did the students enjoy building the circuits, they managed to follow the manual and build the more advanced circuits through troubleshooting and working together. Every class did not want stop building and the final group of grade 12s stayed an extra hour after school to see how much more they could learn. By the end of the day, six students were very interested in pursuing a career in electrical wiring and asked how they could get into that field.

We wish we could run workshops in schools every day and expose more and more students to the opportunities that exist for them: it is possible to have fun at work everyday, and to be outside and using your hands and minds, while being paid. Students need to be made aware of the different types of careers that are open to them, like robotics and animation, and that they can do these things too!

Pangnirtung Grade 11's solve use the water circuit to turn on their speaker.

We hope our Skills Workshops will inspire more students and educators to try new ways to learn and teach, and be excited about the endless possibilities of a future in the trades and technologies!