This year we are adding a new component to our Territorial Skills Competition in the Video Production competition area. As well as having to produce, shoot, edit and present a film on an unknown topic in only 6 hours on competition day, we are inviting our Video Production teams across Nunavut to submit a #FocusOnSafety video in conjunction with WSCC NU-NWT's #FocusOnSafety competition. 

 Highlights of the WSCC's #FocusOnSafety Competition and Why You Should Enter:
  • Open to all high school students across Nunavut
  • Can be filmed in the language of the students' preference, including Inuktitut and French
  • The winning team will receive $1000 as well as $1000 for their school

Skills Canada Nunavut is committed to safety!

This is an exciting new project for us as all aspects of our programs have a safety focus. We even have an entire Workplace Safety competition at the Territorial and National competition level! Each competitor is required to attend a safety workshop prior to the commencement of their competition and the WSCC's #FocusOnSafety will allow our students to explore topics of safety that relate to them, their culture and communities. 
  • All Skills Video Production teams will have the opportunity to screen their #FocusOnSafety videos at the Territorial Skills Competition in Iqaluit on April 9th, 2017

Allowing students to create and submit a video in advance means that they will have the opportunity to work at their own pace, in an area they are comfortable with and with equipment they are used to. We are excited to introduce this #FocusOnSafety challenge into our competition to see what our students come up with! Thanks WSCC for the inspiration!

For more information, contact Skills Canada Nunavut today! 867-979-5281 x 1411

Note: The WSCC's #FocusOnSafety contest is open to ALL students, not just Skills Nunavut Video Production teams. 

 WSCC: Heidi Held
Communications Officer | (867) 920-3839 
Facebook: WSCCNTNU Twitter: @WSCCNTNU