For Nunavut students, teachers, mentors and staff, the opportunity to compete and participate in a National Skills Canada competition is a huge accomplishment. However, the journey begins faraway from the finish line, at home in their communities, thousands of kilometres- and hours of training- away. The Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) is not just an amazing opportunity for students and apprentices pursuing the trades and technologies, but so much more: It is a reward for the challenges they have had to overcome in order to perfect their skills and a chance to experience other parts of the country.

For us at Skills Canada Nunavut , it is an opportunity to give back and say THANK YOU for an amazing year of sharing skills with students across the territory.

2019 Team Nunavut members exploring the Atlantic ocean with a hike along the rocks at Peggy’s Cove, NS.

2019 Team Nunavut members exploring the Atlantic ocean with a hike along the rocks at Peggy’s Cove, NS.

Nunavut students largely rely on the mentorship of their teachers via extra-curricular activities (like Skills Clubs) and the available CTS courses in their communities. Team Nunavut does not only reflect the most passionate of students, but also dedicated volunteers who worked meticulously, often on their own time, to get their competitors to the competition and back again. Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported our journey to Halifax and for making our 2018-19 year of Skills Canada Nunavut programs unforgettable, life-changing experiences for our students.

Team Nunavut 2019 Superstars:

Cambridge Bay:
Teghan Angulalik (hairstyling)
Dexter Maniyogina (carpentry S)
Zuleika Maniyogina (chaperone/advisor)

Holly Tulurialik (outdoor engine)
Isabelle Takolik (chaperone/advisor)

Gjoa Haven:
Jenny Aqqaq (video production)

Neevie Kidlapik (public speaking)
Julia MacPherson (chaperone)

Whale Cove:
Kenia Pike (workplace safety)
Denise Ranger (chaperone)

Arctic Bay:
Eli Qaqqasiq-Taqtu (baking)
Carlton Allurut-Reid (outdoor engine PS)
Geela Ejanngiak (chaperone)

Abigail Atienza (job search)
Noah Bird (photography)
Isaac Strickland (video production)
Macintosh Pavia (robotics)
Declan Robertson Laforet (robotics)
Samuel Kuluguqtuq (carpentry PS)
Daniel Emmons (electrical PS)
Matilda Pinksen (graphic design PS)
Steve Carter (robotics advisor/chaperone)
Joey Rhodes (robotics advisor/chaperone)
Elizabeth Pilon-Murray (photography advisor/chaperone)

National Technical Committee Members:
Eliane Kanayuk-Gabriel (Baking)
Kimberly Smith (Electrical Installations)
Gerald Manning (Carpentry)
Colleen Neily (Cooking)
Barb Hemming (Workplace Safety)

Thank you to all our of Skills Club leaders, NTC members, supporters, teachers & competition volunteers across Nunavut for helping make this year one of our biggest and most successful yet!

Janice Beardsley
Natsiq Kango
Kayla Rice
Jonny Lush
Joseph Postiglione
Korinne McDonald
Crystal Snow
Franck Dury Pavet
Gord Billard
Sarah Bruckschwaiger
Jen Twerdin Lindell
Joselyn Morrison
Julien Wallot-Beale
Olivia Ullyot
Theresa Luciani

Trina Sallerina
Rhona Nimiqtaqtuq
Tamara Toole
Shona Stacey
Haydn George
Danielle Scarlett
Marie Kimeda
Lee Olsen
Dale Skinner
Suzanne Laliberte
Brad Pirie
Lisa Kresky
JF Latour
Danny Hubley
Amanda Mulder