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The Future of Film in Canada has Roots in Gjoa Haven

The Future of Film in Canada has Roots in Gjoa Haven

In the winter of 2019, Skills Canada Nunavut teamed up with Reel Youth and visited Gjoa Haven, NU and facilitated an intergenerational film program with local youth and Elders. High school student participants spent time together learning, and creating short films that celebrate the stories, wisdom, and traditions of the Elders.

Skills Nunavut's 2018 AGM is October 10th!

It is that time of year again! Skills Canada Nunavut is seeking board members from across the territory who have an interest in working with youth and are able to volunteer throughout the year at trades activities, competition events, and fundraising initiatives. A background in education and/or a skilled trades and technology-related field, and knowledge of Inuktut would be considered an asset. This is an innovative organization that is connected to Skills Canada, a national organization that provides trades/technology opportunities to youth across Canada, through global initiatives.

Please submit a statement of intent and current resume by September 28th to: 867-979-5281 x 1411

Skills Canada Nunavut AGM poster 2018 copy.jpg
Skills Canada Nunavut AGM poster - Inuktitut.jpg

Schools Out but our Skills jr Carpenters are In Action!

Skills Canada Nunavut is proud to offer Skills Summer Trades Camps this year, for students aged 12-14 in Iqaluit throughout the entire month of July. Funded by the Department of Family Services, Skills Canada Nunavut is excited to able to provide free summer programs as a way to expose youth to a variety of trades and technology careers, showing them first hand that the trades are made up of fun and engaging projects to do. Exposing youth to the excitement of trades before they hit high school could inspire future career choices- right here in their community.

The Skills Summer Trades Camps began with Carpentry. For two full weeks, students were tasked to build three outdoor playhouses (small cabins) under the direction of New Brunswick Community College instructor and Skills Canada National Technical Committee Member, Steve Austin. Students came into the program with little to no carpentry knowledge. They worked in teams of two and three to build each structure, while learning the foundations of carpentry and workplace safety every step of the way. After just a few hours, the campers were not only making quick progress on their projects, they were also learning that working with their hands to build something tangible can be rewarding, and a lot of fun!

The Skills Summer Carpentry Camp ran daily from July 3-13 at the workshop at Inuksuk High School. Since the weather in Iqaluit was so warm and beautiful, the students were working with the garage doors open to allow airflow. Skills Nunavut staff was worried the students would feel like they were missing out on the sunshine, but many of them even opted to come in on a Saturday to get an extra day of building done! Once they got started, they didn't want to stop. 

Not only did our carpentry campers benefit from the professional carpentry training, they also had trades math classes and employability skills workshops a few times a week with Skills Nunavut alumnus, Katie Devereaux; Katie competed for Nunavut in Job Search in Saskatoon and has lots of tips to share. While the youth were giving their hands and feet a break, the students got to type up their resumes, learn how to ask and answer formal interview questions, and craft their own professional cover letters. Each student got to experience the process of applying for a job- in this case a mock position of a Junior Carpenter- and then sit through an interview with Katie. Every one of them was qualified for the job!

At the beginning of the two weeks, the students were not sure if they would be able to complete their cabins. However, as they witnessed their new skills in action, they were motivated to finish the cabins by the end of camp. And they did, with big smiles on their faces. The trades and technologies really are perfect activities for youth: They provide a challenge, give youth an opportunity to problem solve and make decisions, have fun while being focused on a goal, and most importantly, trades like carpentry give youth self-confidence when they see the end result of all their hard work! All of our skilled campers were stoked to see their completed cabins and show their families. Stay tuned for the Skills Canada Nunavut cabin raffle!

Up next...Skills Summer Hairstyling Camp runs July 16-27!

The 13th Territorial Skills Competition: Highlights

The Territorial Skills Competition is the largest celebration of skilled trades and technology occupations & industries in Nunavut. This event is vital for our youth and apprentices as it rewards their craftsman/woman-ship, helps them develop new skills, friendships and mentor-ships, and create positive goals for their futures, building their communities and thus the territory.

2017-18 was an amazing year for Skills Canada Nunavut students and apprentices as we had over 60 competitors from 12 different communities participating in 16 different competition areas in Iqaluit. Throughout the school year, these hardworking Nunavummiut have been practicing and dedicating hours of their own time to learning their trades, often outside of the classroom with a passionate leader, so we wanted to ensure they had an amazing experience at this two-day event. Skills Canada Nunavut scheduled a full-day of training workshops with professional volunteers for all competitors in their chosen fields.

Although we have to select medalist, it is a huge accomplishment to participate in Skills Canada Nunavut programs and events, and so we encourage all our participants to keep working on their skills and to come back next year!

Here is the full list of competitors in each competition:

Aesthetics (Makeup & Nail Art)
Tonya Nauyuq, Iqaluit- GOLD
Melissa Akulukjuk, Pangnirtung- SILVER
Meeka Koomuk, Arviat- BRONZE
Rolanda Amantinuar, Naujaat

Hayley Totalik, Taloyoak- GOLD
Eli Qaqqsiq-Taqtu, Arctic Bay- SILVER
Shevon Brooks, Kugluktuk-BRONZE
Ashton Mannik, Baker Lake
Marlene Mike, Pangnirtung
Andy Angutingnungniq, Cambridge Bay

Carpentry (secondary):
John Voisey, Whale Cove- GOLD
Darien Evyasotailak, Kugluktuk- SILVER
Joey Irqqaqsaq, Igloolik- BRONZE

Carpentry (post-secondary):
Samuel Kuluguqtuq, Iqaluit- GOLD
Daniel Alagalak, Arviat- SILVER

Caris Madsen, Iqaluit- GOLD
Sinclair Lyall, Cambridge Bay- SILVER
Seth Perkison, Baker Lake- BRONZE
Star Newman, Kugluktuk
Janice Nakashuk, Pangnirtung

Electrical Installations (post-secondary):
Daniel Emmonds, Iqaluit- GOLD
Amelia Netser, Coral Harbour- SILVER

Teghan Angulalik, Cambridge Bay- GOLD
Mallory Okatsiak, Arviat- SILVER
Nelly Qaunau, Igloolik- BRONZE
Susan Peter, Iqaluit
Rosemary Alivaktuk, Pangnirtung
Jomie Tulugarjuk-Shaw, Iqaluit

Jewelry Making (post-secondary):
Florence Barnabas, Arctic Bay- GOLD

Job Skill Demonstration: 
Denise Nowyuk, Pangnirtung- GOLD for her presentation on sewing seal skin booties
Zedekiar Sammurtok- SILVER for his presentation on cooking jerk chicken

Job Search/Interview:
Melicia Elizaga, Iqaluit- GOLD
Claire Hooey, Iqaluit- SILVER

Northern Fashions:
Kendal Kuodluak, Kugluktuk- GOLD
Caitlin Oklaagak, Whale Cove- SILVER
Denise Nowyuk, Pangnirtung- BRONZE
Connie Innukshuk, Igloolik
Kristine Oyukuluk, Arcitc Bay
Susie Siusangnark, Naujaat

Steven Panika, Whale Cove- GOLD
Damaris Nutarasungnik, Arviat- SILVER
Sheridan Kamookak, Gjoa Haven- BRONZE

Plumbing (post-sec):
Benjamin Kusugak, Arviat- GOLD

Public Speaking:
Zoe Elverum, Pond Inlet- GOLD
Crystal Mitchell, Taloyoak- SILVER
Kasandra Katokra, Naujaat- BRONZE

Iqaluit (Hayden Ahle/Simon MacDonald)- GOLD
Igloolik (Qumangaapik Arnatsiaq/Jasmine Alorut/Sakku Irgittuq)- SILVER

Small Engine Repair (secondary):
Noah Mikki, Igloolik- GOLD
Holly Ann Tulurialik, Taloyoak- SILVER
Howard Panigayak, Taloyoak- BRONZE

Small Engine Repair (post-sec):
Natalie O'Grady, Iqaluit- GOLD

Video Production:
Iqaluit (David Aglukark/Isaac Strickland)- GOLD
Arviat (Paulie Jr. Issumatarjuak/Blair Aulatjut)- SILVER
Whale Cove (Kelly Copland/Zedekiar Sammurtok)- BRONZE
Taloyoak (Lalena Quqqiaq/Liam Kootook)

Workplace Safety:
Carter Lear, Cambridge Bay- GOLD
Kenia Pike, Whale Cove- SILVER


The Skills Canada National Competition (#SCNC2018) takes place June 3-6 in Edmonton, AB, preceded by the Girl Exploring Trades Conference on June 1. Follow #TeamNunavut's progress on social media! 


Photographs by Jennifer Lane

2017 Was Our Biggest Year Yet!

Now that another new school year is underway and Skills Clubs across Nunavut are up and running, Skills Canada Nunavut is reflecting on what an amazing year we just had! We have steadily been growing each year in both the amount of programs offered across the territory and in the number of competitors attending the Territorial Skills Competition, meaning that more and more students are getting exposure to opportunities in trades and technologies.

At the most recent Territorial Skills Competition in April, we had competitions in 17 different trades, technology and employability skills areas and over seventy competitors from all three regions. We had the highest number of post-secondary apprentices registered for competition: Plumbing, Hairstyling and two for Electrical Installations. This was the second year we were able to host the Outdoor Engine Repair competition in Iqaluit, meaning that all competitions, with the exception of Plumbing were held on-site. Following the success of the 2016 Skills Competition, holding the Territorials on the weekend and allowing the students to have a full day of training prior to the competition day was invaluable and greatly improved the morale and performance of the competitors.

Shia Strowbridge of Iqaluit presents at the National Competition in Job Demonstration

Shia Strowbridge of Iqaluit presents at the National Competition in Job Demonstration

Team Nunavut was made up of a total of 17 gold medalists from the Territorial Skills Competition and 8 student delegates, who were part of the Iqaluit Robotics team. The National Skills Competition was held in Winnipeg, MB from May 31-June 3 and once again we had competitors from all three regions of Nunavut. There are over forty trades and technology competitions at Nationals, as well as interactive Try-A-Trade stations, live-demonstrations and massive Trade Show, so this was a huge eye-opening experience for Nunavut competitors. Team Nunavut had competitors in 14 different competition and send three apprentices, our highest number yet. Team Nunauvt had a very strong finish following the two full days of competition. Nunavut won a bronze medal in post-secondary Electrical Installation and a bronze medal in Job Demonstration: Aesthetics.

Team Nunavut at the National Skills Competition in Winnipeg, MB.

Team Nunavut at the National Skills Competition in Winnipeg, MB.

Team Nunavut 2017:

Baking- Hayley Takolik, Taloyoak
Cabinetmaking- Sam Kuluguqtuq, Iqaluit
Cooking- Andrew Clark, Iqaluit
Electrical Installations (post-sec)- Kimberly Smith BRONZE
Graphic Design- Natalie Maerzluft, Iqaluit
Hairstyling (secondary)- Jessica Eccles, Rankin Inlet
Hairystling (post-sec)- Desire Autut, Rankin Inlet
Job Demonstration- Shia Strowbridge BRONZE
Job Search- Abigail Atienza, Iqaluit
Outdoor Engine Repair- Michaelangelo Kunnuk, Pond Inlet
Photography-Damaris Nutarasungnik, Arviat
Plumbing (post-sec)- Bengamin Kusugak, Arviat
Public Speaking- Chidinma Umenwofor-Nweze, Iqaluit
Video Production- Ethan Tassiuk & Kevin Mikiyungiak, Arviat
Workplace Safety- Carter Lear, Cambridge Bay
Robotics- Hayden Ahle & David Aglukark, Iqaluit

Congratulations to all our competitors and big THANK YOU to all the participants, volunteer leaders, and sponsors who helped make 2016-17 an amazing year for Skills Canada Nunavut. Now...let's make 2017-18 even better!